Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Lovely beach arrangement

This was a particularly beautiful beach arrangement today.

Tonight will be the first night since my brothers were here at Thanksgiving that there will be anyone here besides me & her. They have brought a monitor too (why didn't we think of that before?) so I won't be sleeping on the couch anymore, to hear her in the night.

11/29 "There's a little dog in the bed. It's homeless. It needs a home."
"I can only keep one a month."

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At 1/30/2011 9:18 AM, Blogger Mary E. Trimble said...

Mina, this is stunningly beautiful. You've absolutely captured the essence of Juanita. She was such a loyal, dear friend--our friendship was one of those once-in-a-lifetime treasures. It was wonderful for Juanita, Mina, that you could be there during her final weeks. You brought such comfort to her.

Thank you for sharing these visual treasures with us.

At 1/30/2011 2:54 PM, Blogger MinaW said...

Thanks Mary,

Camano is a very inspirational place to take photos, especially like this, concentrating on seeing intensely a small space: the changes of light and wind out her one view of the sea, of light and temperature on the beach walk around the"loop", of light, wind, and temperature looking at the water at different times.

I really love the frozen wave, and the little bird swimming in the sky.

Being back there for a few days this month reminded me again.

I was glad I could be there, but I was completely unprepared - and her condition changed so much every week, I never caught up. The Hospice volunteer had 40 hours of training for what family members are dropped into without any preparation. I told them they should teach a class for families.

I have one bit of advice for families in this situation - take advantage of what you have now, since it will change far more quickly than you can guess.

The first week I was there, she was still herself, although forgetful, but I didn't know that that was going to change so quickly.


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