Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Irrationality? Floating rocks? Rockbergs! Feb 14, 2018

Floating ice and floating rocks, small pond on campus, March 7, 2016

Time to reread one of my favorite books, Irrationality, by Stuart Sutherland. An excuse for a few quotes. He's funny; you have to watch for it.

"What constitutes a rational decision depends upon one's knowledge. There is a rider to this. If one has reason to believe one's knowledge is insufficient, then it is rational, particularly in the case of important decisions, to seek out more evidence: unfortunately, as we will see, when people do so, they usually act in a wholly irrational way, since they only seek evidence that will support their existing beliefs." (p. 5)

"The effects of conformity on beliefs and attitudes are the more injurious because people tend to associate with others who have similar beliefs to themselves. ... the only way to substantiate a belief is to try to disprove it. But because like mixes with like, people are rarely exposed to counter-arguments to their more deeply held convictions, let alone to counter-evidence. Their beliefs conform to those of their associates: hence, there is little possibility of eliminating persistent errors. "(p. 41)

"Everyone is irrational some of the time and in particular everyone is susceptible to the availability error. I give a final striking example ... In 1969, Jerzy Kosinsky's novel Steps won the American National Book Award for fiction. Eight years later some joker had it retyped and sent the manuscript with no title and under a false name to fourteen major publishers and thirteen literary agents in the US, including ... the firm that had originally published it. Of the twenty-seven people to whom it was submitted, not one recognised that it had already been published. Moreover, all twenty-seven rejected it. All it lacked was Jerzy Kosinsky's name to create the halo effect: without the name, it was seen as an indifferent book." (pp. 28-29)

"People have an amazing capacity to remember pictures. After being shown 10,000 photographs just once they can correctly recognize almost all of them a week later. This is in marked contrast to the very poor memory for isolated words."(p. 19)

"The term 'love' was defined in an authoritative dictionary of psychology as 'a form of mental illness not yet recognised in the standard diagnostic manuals'. (p. 115) [The authoritative dictionary was written by S. Sutherland...]

Now, about those floating rocks. I have seen that pond drained. It is about knee-deep, and there are no rocks sticking up in it. What happens is that when the pond freezes over, students throw rocks out onto the ice, trying to break it. At first this doesn't succeed, and in the freeze-thaw cycles, some of the rocks get frozen to the ice. When they finally break it [that's why there are those entirely unnatural sharp edges to the ice], some of those rocks are attached to large enough pieces of ice to support them, mostly invisible under the water, and the rocks go floating around the pond. Rockbergs.

Re-examine what you see. Go over the evidence. There are floating rocks, and underground jumping rocks. More things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in our philosophies.

But real. With rational explanations.

He gives citations for almost everything, but not for the Jerzy Kosinsky story. I have to wonder who that 'joker' was who re-submitted the story...

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Saturday, January 06, 2018

Stay Warm

Lassie on heater, probably spring 2011

Doesn't she look grumpy? And she is looking down. I think someone might have been there to dispute the possession of the heater with her.  She is glaring "Don't you push me off!"

This is probably the kittens' first year, spring or early summer 2011. She doesn't have her adult color green eyes yet. And that year they were kept in the bathroom with a heater, separate from Rex. That was the year that they were all on my lap in the chair, and we were enjoying a fire in the woodstove - on June 2nd!

We had a dry December this year - bad news in case we go back to drought conditions without fully recovering from the last one. We haven't had snow yet here, but back east they are having feet of snow in a winter cyclone, and record low temperatures.

I recently asked myself, "what do you do when the power goes off?"

And the answers I immediately came up with:

What do I do when the power goes out?
I get a fire started in the wood stove, (and if it happened today I’d be cursing myself while I cleared away the clutter in front of the stove) and be sure to cook dinner over the stove before dark. And go bring in more firewood before dark. Before it rains. Or snows.
Or dye some fabric, or take a bath, or wash the dishes with the last warm water in the water heater.
Or put extra blankets on the bed, and curl up in the dark and call my mother, whose phone number was the one I knew in the dark.

Seriously. There are lots of things to do to take advantage of/survive the situation. Those with a live-in lover have another option. Why they have lots of births 9 months later in cities.

Those answers are in reverse order, most recent to oldest, of things I have actually done over the years. It depends a little on what time of year, and time of day it is. But the latest wisdom I learned several years ago, when my power was out for more than 3 days.

[That is common enough here that it is necessary to have another source of heat and cooking, and lights, handy for when it happens. The bus driver, a few blocks away, had his power out for 2 separate weeks that year.]

That time, after a couple of days I had used most of the wood I had inside, and was wading through a foot of snow carrying firewood. And the lights I had were not bright enough to see what I was doing if I had to cook dinner after dark.

I learned to bake bread the summer I turned 16, at the cabin in Northern Idaho. In a woodstove. And the little woodstove heaters don't channel heat to the top the way a cookstove does. Much harder to cook over.

The next time the power went out that year, it came on only a few hours later. But by that time I had started a fire, and heated some leftover soup, and was having dinner.

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Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Tablet-weaving / Card-weaving

One of my first learning projects, showing how you can make many patterns with one warp setup.

A new thing I researched and learned last year, and wrote an illustrated how-to paper on. And I really fell in love with it. The weaving process can be simple and quick (a few hours or days for a band). Or it can be very complex and time-consuming. I might not tackle those - my strength has always been to learn a simple technique, and then design complex patterns for it. And I am already doing that.

The technique is ancient (at least Roman, Viking, Anglo-Saxon, 1500BCE at Hallstatt, 1100BCE in Italy are recent discoveries), and related to weaving on the warp-weighted loom (which is at least neolithic in age). The woven bands can be very strong, "camel straps", or 1 cm wide delicate silk strips used for headbands (fillets), or clothing borders, sometimes woven-in. 

My enthusiasm for this is encouraging me to get involved again with the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism), which I have always considered myself part of the community of, and make some clothing. Viking, Anglo-Saxon, 12th century London. . .

But of course, current retro/boho fashions are also the perfect place to wear these decorative bands. Wish I had run across it back in the day.

One of the things I was doing while I wasn't posting. (While I didn't have internet from home)

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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Lassie Had the Most Beautiful Green Eyes — January 2017

Lassie Reflected Nov 24, 2016
Written4/20/2017. First posted Oct 12, 2017

I had just noticed that again recently, as she came in the window from the balcony.

I don't know what happened to her. She had fallen off the balcony again in the fall. One of the rose pots was 8 feet away, in the bushes. Something scared her ... Maybe the great horned owls. It was still warm enough that I could lock up the other cats, and leave the door open to the top floor porch, and in the morning she had found her way in. I was thinking that next time, she could find her way home easily. ...  She seemed fine.

There were a couple of weeks, twice, when she was being unusually friendly with me. Not pushy, like in the past. Just sitting next to me on the bed, and being happy to be petted. I had to go invite her back, when she went away the first time.

I used to say"Everybody hates Lassie" because there used to be fights, and chasing away. I never knew who started it. But they aren't all friends now, as they were as kittens.

Then one day she climbed the bedspread up onto the bed instead of jumping up.

The first time I really noticed something was wrong, she didn't come running to eat with the others.

There was one last warm day in the middle of January, when I carried her out to be in the sun on the balcony again. Previous pictures out there were from November.

For a couple of days she licked the juice off canned cat food, and drank water and broth. She stayed near the heater, and I put a warm nest for her to sleep in. The last day, she was crying out. She calmed when I petted her very carefully on the back of the head.

She had swallowed a hair; that can be fatal. And then there are the 2 potentially fatal diseases, the one the kittens had, that they wouldn't have gotten if Mom's cats had had their shots, and the one that killed their father a month or so later...

Even waiting as long as possible between rainstorms for the heavy clay ground to dry, it was still very wet and heavy. Luckily a friend finished digging the hole for me, before the next rain. Next to Buddy, and with more rosemary.

Goodby Lassie. I love you.

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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Rexie has invented a new word in the language between people and cats 12/24/2016

Rexie on the balcony, July 12, 2015
(Written 12/24/2016. First published 2/3/2017.)

Rexie has invented a new word in *the* language between people and cat-people. Of course that language is a large part body-language, and only a little verbal. And it isn't a single language - it is a set of codes for each community of people and cats, just as individual and mutually intelligible as that between each mother and baby. (That is, not perfectly.)

Some is verbal. My cats come running when I call them, either to eat or to go out the window onto the balcony (different directions). (And sometimes to come in, if it's cold out there.) Rexie comes running to my tapping on the other window - he thinks that's his room, no sisters allowed.

But much of the communication between us is body language, stance, touch, movements. Reciprocal communication. When a cat is being petted, he/she may push against a hand, or move under a petting hand. She may tilt her head up or sideways under the hand. Or I may tug on the tip of her tail and she turns around very fast and comes back for more.

What Rexie has been doing, for about a year now, is tilting his/her head sideways, so far his forehead is vertical, sideways, one ear right above the other. It means he wants me to rub his forehead.

He does it when he's sitting so close to me, like on my chest,  that the angles I can reach him with are limited. I didn't know if he liked me to rub his forehead or not. So sometimes I did, sometimes not. And he invented a word to tell me when he wants his forehead rubbed.

Sometimes yes, sometimes not.

Oct 2017 Notice who is training who here... 
Dec 5 2017 Recently saw (online) that people can tell what their cats are saying in a recording — if-and-only-if it's their cat. Like I said, we all have our own unique set of codes. (Haven't tracked down a reference yet...)

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Wednesday, December 07, 2016

My silence is over.

My silence is over.

I never even put up a yard sign, because I didn't want to offend anyone in this formerly(!!) very conservative rural county. We might need something from the supervisors someday. (My mother said that over 30 years ago — her college room-mate always told her not to be a doormat.)

But I will not be complicit, even by silence in the take-over of my country by right-wing haters.

MyAmerica includes everybody. It is fair to everybody.

Have you heard? VP-elect pence's temporary neighbors are putting up Rainbow Flags.

This image is available now on t-shirts, posters, a luggage tag for my back pack, at Cafepress, but also soon as a Creative Commons licensed image for all to use.

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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Point Is Nov. 12-30, 2016

Wikimedia Commons images with attributions:,_Adolf_Hitler,_Rednerposen.jpg,_2015_at_Pinkerton

The point is not that a dangerously out-of-control narcissist & racist & woman-hater pro-Russian has been elected to be our new president. In an election influenced by Russian hacking. One of the new generation of Robber Barons.

Besides praying that he somehow finds a connection to reality that isn't a mirror (and for someone who has lived all his life without it, that's unlikely), we can hope that the constraints of an actual political position will restrain him.* He would find that frustrating. Of course, his behind-the-scene white supremacist friends will be busy, whatever he does. (bannon, his chief of staff pick, from breitbart.) [*It won't restrain the repugs in congress though.]

The point is that his election was enabled by voter suppression since the gutting of the Voting Rights Act by the supreme court, and fueled by a protest vote from millions for whom the system has not been working for a long time, and with gasoline thrown on the flame by hundreds of very profitable Fake News sites and stories, which the Right passes around like poisoned KoolAid, since they are the not-connected-to-reality side of the population, without any critical thinking skills, and cannot tell the difference between Fake and real news… [Several reports during the last week, including more than one FakeNews purveyor who said that they tried to sell FakeNews to the Left, but they wouldn't buy it. "It's debunked by the second comment, and they don't share it." (On the Media interview approx 11/20)]

The point is that his election has brought his other supporters out of the woodwork like bugs. Emboldened and empowered. All the old-time-haters, liberated. KKK.* Neo-nazis.** White supremacists. Racists, woman-haters, sexual assaulters. Immigrant-bashers, Islamophobes.*** Rabid racist anti-government gun-nuts. And their children.****
[* david duke's joy at election - I won't link since I don't want to give him traffic.
** spencer at a white supremacist meeting, shouting "hail trump", and being answered with nazi salutes. (leaked video)
*** High school girl whose classmate came up behind her and tried to pull off her hijab, shouting racial epithets.(This American Life 11/11/2016)
**** School boy who grabbed a young girl's crotch and shouted "if the president can do it i can too".(TAL 11/11/2016)]

The Southern Poverty Law Center said that by a week after the election, there had been over 700 hate crimes and hate incidents, almost all by trump supporters. They hadn't seen anything like it since the day after President Obama's election. And, of course, it's the same people, encouraged now to do more, to keep on doing it. Even though dt said to stop it. That's their notion of celebration - commit hate crimes.

And all those voters, who say they are of course not racists, but are ok with racism, woman-hating, and everything else, demonstrably, because they could vote for a man who talks and acts like that.

I'd like to think there is some hope sooner than outliving all those evil old racist white men. But apparently they have taught many of their kids to be just as bad. Half of the hate crimes and hate incidents have happened in schools. 

And sooner than outliving the rich who believe in the new Social Darwinism*, the survival of only the richest.[* Funny because, not being connected to reality, denying science, they don't believe in evolution.]

And, the problem is, when they remove health care from millions of us, they will be increasing our death rate, not their own. Fewer of us will outlive them.
[Try to convince me that that is not part of their plan – hooray, fewer voters on the Left.]

But my country will not be taken over by white supremacists and robber barons without a fight. To the death.

And there are a lot of us who already believe this, as shown by the continuing protests around the country. We will not be convinced to accept politics-as-usual, make nice, come together and support the president, get over it, sit down and shut up for 4 more years and forever.

Because autocracies do not allow free speech.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

My America includes everybody. It is fair to everybody.

My ⚐America includes everybody. It is fair to everybody.

I was not caught by surprise as much as many Hillary supporters were, who were hoping to see the first woman president elected, and have their view that we had outlived the old hates validated.

I've lived long enough to see a lot of lost elections (and one stolen), so my default mode is pessimism. And any excitement I might have felt about the prospect of the first woman president was killed by Madeline Albright "a special place in Hell for women who don't vote for Hillary" and Gloria Steinem, who lost all her street cred with "the young women are just there in the Bernie campaign because the boys are there". No.

And then, towards the end of the primaries, when it had become completely obvious that the democratic party had cheated to kill Bernie Sander's chances,  (as well as the media's totally ignoring him, while they provided DT with free wall-to-wall 24-hour celebrity coverage), and the establishment started saying "It's time for him to concede now, and get behind Hillary", I said to a guy on the bus "No. If she has any chance to get the support of Bernie voters, to get us behind her, he has to go through the whole process, as he promised us. He has to have, and be seen to have, influence on the platform. He has to have major influence on her positions."

So, we were not excited about her. As Michael Moore says, we voted for her. Get over blaming us already. But we were depressed, not excited, to vote for her.

(And to be clear, I like her. She is a smart, caring woman, who has always had an unfair deal from the right and the woman-haters. But she is a hawk. And she was a politics-&-business-as-usual (together) candidate in a year when we ALL wanted change. Yes - progressives, women's rights, and freedom for the billionaire-corporate-fascist-takeover agenda and the closet racists and haters of all stripes. All of America wanted change. And we got - The New Robber-Baron-Era supported by racist gangs who feel free to come out of their closets now, and use their new freedom to teach their children to be bullies and haters too, out in the open.)

The Southern Poverty Law Center had counted over 230 hate crimes and hate incidents in the first few days after the election, many in schools, against children. By children. By a week later, there were over 700*. Nothing like that many seen since the day after President Obama was elected. (Why did I not know about that? Media at fault again, not reporting it?)

*And, full disclosure, a few of them were by my folks, not the right-wingnut haters. But many fewer.

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Wednesday, November 09, 2016

The Morning After the World Turned Upside-Down Nov. 9, 2016

Reflection, Morn Nov 9 2016

The morning after the world turned over. Well, the sun came up.
As President Obama said.

On the local radio early this morn, they were playing a song called "In the blink of an eye" ... "the stars fell from the sky".

I had heard Michael Moore talk about his recent surprise movie, Michael Moore in Trumpland. How the DT campaign had edited it to make it seem as if he was supporting DT. How Michael Moore went on Fox to say "Don't spend your money buying this movie" (to the deluded DT supporters who were making it a bestseller). "It doesn't say what they told you it did."

And that what he actually said was "You want to vote to send a message, to say you're angry. And for a moment it will feel really good. Or for a day, a week... Then like for the Brexit voters, reality will set in. But there are no do-overs. You have just elected the last president of the United States."

The other students in one of my classes were upset to very upset. One of them is from Canada, it turns out. (We talked about how the Canadian immigration information site had crashed last night.) Canada will need a wall; the US can pay for it...

Some of them know DT voters, or have family members. One wanted suggestions for talking with a family member about this. One decent idea was to ask her how she thinks the other side is feeling, how she understands where they are coming from.

But one student, who comes from a background of redneck racist haters (his words) says he has had to just learn to walk away, that he lives a long way from them now. And the teacher says that we're lucky to live on the Left Coast. And that he won't deal with angry bigots like DT voters anymore, life is too short to waste time with people like that.*

After class, I walked by the pond again, and then went online. First I looked up some favorite comics for comfort. (Mutts is always comforting, even if not relevant.)

And then, starting with the NYTimes article the teacher had recommended, and following references, I found a few things. Followed by Michael Moore and Van Jones.

Among the collected wisdom I found, and then heard on Democracy Now in the evening, and Thursday morning on the radio:

First Michael Moore - the best wisdom and advice, and the only one who lets me understand that maybe they are not all racist-misogynist KKK-and-nazi immigrant-bashing-Islamophobe haters, the DT supporters. They say they're not. But as one classmate said (approx), "They're all OK with that, since they were willing to vote for someone who could say those things." Yes.

It's why so many of us, especially young people, but me too soon, are out in the streets. "Not our president!" We are not willing to be complicit, even by silence, let alone cooperating, in a racist, sexist, xenophobic, woman-hating, immigrant-bashing, white supremacist, nazi, KKK regime.

* Feb 2018  -   In the other class, a couple of weeks after the election, a couple of girls (used purposefully) were high-fiving each other over the election results. [ 2 weeks later because they are the kind of students who don't come to class, and then blame the prof when they don't do well on the tests.] I regret having censored my comment. What I said was that I didn't think any young people voted for dt. What I was thinking, and should have said, was that I didn't think any young folk were stupid enough to vote for dt.

MyAmerica includes everybody. It is fair to everybody.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Rex plays Oct. 21 2011

Rexie is playing, Oct 21, 2011, 10am. Just a little over a year old.

Pictures taken Oct. 21 2011. Originally Written Feb. 28, 2014. First posted with pics Oct. 19, 2016.

Here's Rex on our new bedcover, a denim quilt which was my mother's, that we just got in August 2011. Not my colors, but it goes with Rex...

Without the flash, you can see his rich color

He is looking so wild, and having a great deal of fun, playing with a favorite toy....

What is he playing with? 

 What is he playing with?

Yep, the ring that comes off the lid of some milk jugs.

 Oh, Rexie is wild!

The kittens like to bring their toys up on to the bed.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Mousie approx. 2008 - July 2016

Mousie in 2011 with one of the kittens - looking stripey
In December 2010, most of the kittens got calici virus. If Mom's cats had had their shots, it probably couldn't have happened.

They got it after they were weaned. Rexie was very sick, had to be hand-fed again, and 2 others had it too. Then their father Sugar Mouse died in early 2011, of a different horrible disease. I thought Mousie was maybe the carrier.

So I separated the kittens from their mother Patches, and Mousie. And Mousie didn't get to cuddle like this anymore. When she and Patches were frightened, they squeezed into 2 tiny drawers on either side of the sink to hide.

She was living here with Patches when the horrible guest of a renter kicked out the screen in the kitchen door, and then chased Patches out to die. Months later, he tried to do the same to Mousie, but she outsmarted him, and hid where he (and I) couldn't find her. After that, I moved her upstairs. (Buddy was gone by then, so there was a safe place for her.)

She was never friendly or pettable, but she co-existed with me, and liked to sleep in her padded nest-box. She told me when she was out of water or food. There were sunny windows, and a heater in the winter.

But it wasn't such a safe place after all. First, on a really hot day in July, she got very overheated. I re-arranged things so the fan could blow on her, and she seemed to be feeling better. But in the morning, she had knocked over the stuff in the nearby corner, and was across the room trying to hide behind the refrigerator. And among that stuff was a small black widow spider.

So whether it was the heat alone, or mostly the spider bite, she is gone.

The last of Mom's cats. Goodby Mousie. 

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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Little Lion Rex, November 2010

Little Lion Rex, Nov 2010
Written 6/22/2013, first posted 9/14/2016

He just looks so healthy here, stalking through his territory.

This mid-November picture is after he had completely recovered from not getting enough food as a tiny kitten, and was growing and thriving.

It was a month before the 2nd major life-threatening problem showed up.

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Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Happy Kitten Day Sept 7 2016

Just found this original kitten photo, Nov 2010
 One of the kittens has a ball. The other grey kitten has a toy mouse. But Spot and Rex are watching the ball, ready to run out and play Kitten Soccer.

Some of my kittens from long ago, when I lived in the basement, used to play kitten soccer, in one of the rooms Grandpa had poured cement into when he was 80. He shored up the foundations, and poured concrete in most of the areas that had had just dirt floors originally. (He had been a mining engineer.) That floor had a wave and a half in it, so the ball would turn and go off in unexpected directions. Very exciting kitten soccer.

Kitten Soccer Nov. 2010
 My darling kittens were so cute when they were little. Now they are beautiful, except for one funny-looking one (Lassie). Rex/Rexie fell off the balcony this summer, the night a coyote howled in the orchard. He was gone by 3:00am, the coyote was howling at 3:30.

 I think he was on the roof in the midday, while I was looking all around for him, and calling. I could hear him, or someone, calling, and it was louder near the fireplace. But by the time I went up onto the roof, he wasn't there. (I waited for someone else to come home before I went up there.)

But after a night and a day and a night, he found his way into the open main floor. I was out on the balcony at 5:15 in the morning, not calling just listening, trying to decide where to look for him. And at 5:30am he started calling me loudly from the living room window under my feet.

Light and reflection Nov 2010
Meanwhile, almost unnoticed in the corner, is one of these fantastic reflections of light off a plant pot. The reflection has to fall against a relatively dark patch of floor or wall to be visible. Just like car bumper or hubcap reflections, which also make interesting patterns.

Enjoy the kittens, but notice the light. 

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Friday, August 26, 2016

Kittens have forts - who knew?

Rex in his fort. Written Feb 11, 2014 3:21 PM  Originally posted Aug 26 2016.

I was going to try to pick-up the floor, and get a cleaned-up staged photo of this, and never got it done. Luckily, though I didn't remember it, I had taken a pic of the real thing. This is Rex in his fort.

They made the forts by tipping over the (sorted) boxes, and dumping the contents out, all over the floor. (When I say randomizing the contents of my room, I'm not kidding...)

The short stairwell down to the door to downstairs makes a good fort too.

And of course, forts are for ambushing your sisters from - leaping out onto them from where you're crouched hiding behind the boxes. Crouch, wiggle, leap!

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Sleeping Beauty's House? No, but Grandpa's blackberries. Summer 2016

Grandpa's blackberries have blockaded the house
When he was in his eighties, one evening on the beach at the cabin in Idaho, Grandpa told me the story of his life. This was a spontaneous event, I didn't have a tape recorder. And I wasn't smart enough to think of going inside afterwards and writing down everything I could remember.

But I was listening very carefully, and I remember some of it.

One of the stories he told, as a joke upon himself, was that he had planted some blackberries when he was a young man. Way down at the edge of the property, near the road. (Sold long ago). I haven't told this story locally, because I didn't want the neighbors to blame him.

These blackberries are called Himalayan. Definitely not native; they have taken over large areas of the West coast. (If they were native, there would be a natural control on them.) When I came here in 1981, they had at least 3 of the remaining 7 acres. And now they've surrounded his house. I and a friend have finally started cutting and digging them, a couple of hours a week.

So in his story, everybody told him not to plant the blackberries. And he told them he was young and strong, and he could "grub them out".

And now I'm not young and strong anymore, but I get to try to get them under control...

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Monday, May 09, 2016

Workaround again
Real Minoan fabric design, 1500 BCE approx, as shown by Elizabeth Wayland Barber, from Egyptian frescos.
I need to add a powerpoint presentation to the discussion board for a class I'm taking. This was the workaround for doing images that I used before, but now I know how to do that. Only that way only works for image or video files. Most of the other students have used a link.

So, we'll try. This is the topic I have been totally absorbed by lately. (Well, roses too...)

Minoans, specifically their clothing.

(where did that come from? Well, I have always been interested in costume history. And an Art History class last semester.)

This textile design is derived from one that Elizabeth Wayland Barber shows in her wonderful books, as being a favorite exported by the Minoans to Egypt. (1500 BCE or so?)
No, this won't work to share a powerpoint for my class, but I can share this fabric design. Soon it and other Minoan designs may be up at Spoonflower.

It is up on Spoonflower, and there are other Minoan-inspired fabrics there too now. Not available yet for sale, except a blue-grey one.

smaller Minoan-inspired design from the Snake Goddess' bodice

Of course I did make a colorful one too. 

To see what these designs are inspired by, check my Pinterest board.

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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Take Photos

Photograph Light and Water 
Photographing is seeing with new eyes.
When you are always looking, you see amazing things,
instead of walking blindly past them.

Learn to see all over again.

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Cats Are Looking

Cats are the least domesticated of our
familiar friendly animals.
If I watch them, I can see the wild.
Sleeping on my bed. Watching.

I chose these photos for the interesting images.

But the cats are all looking.

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Take Time to Read

Take Time to Read - (but don't forget the cat). Terry and I took digital photography together; I got rides home with her. This was the best picture I caught of her. We have nice expressions when we're looking at animals...

Reading is very important to me. This spot in my living room near the window is a good place to read without losing all day.

Because the chair is comfortable  only for a while...

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Always Save Some Film for Sunset

Always save some film for sunset - I learned this years ago - the hard way, what else.

I did not know I had pictures of this gorgeous purple sunset, found it looking through my photos for the assignment.

East of the Sun, West of the Moon.

Lupine & Pipevine Swallowtail butterfly at Bridgeport

We had some warm weather, and things were blooming early, but not this early. Pictures from several years ago.

Now it's cool and raining again. We need it.

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Rexie thinking about being a wildcat...

Bob In Tall Grass/ Rexie on painted chair
For a class assignment, I was putting together some presentation slides, and found some fun things looking through my images and photos. These  two cats were similar ages, still visibly young, although not kittens anymore, when these photos were originally taken.
Bob, being wild out in the grass, has been Photoshopped, using a filter.

Pure serendipity that I found them and saw how to put them together.

Doesn't Rexie look like he is dreaming about being wild?

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

All the Cats Are Outside Hunting Moths and Won't Come In to Supper Sept 2015

Happy Kitten Day - late. The kittens birthday is September 7th; I made this new fabric design on September 10, 2015. I just got it proofed, edited, re-tested, and put up for sale today, Oct. 21.

Learned 2 things in the process. The first is that Spoonflower's new fabric-printing system is indeed brighter, and I'll want to get this printed on one of those fabrics. (The synthetics also print bright colors.) And the second is that with these textured backgrounds and fills (done from Photoshop patterns), it is important to print them full-size to be at their brightest. Otherwise, just like a small print seen from a distance, they go greyer.

I think I might be going to use this fabric, or one of its coordinates, for a fleece-lined open vest this fall.

The happy kittens (5 years old now) are all happy and healthy. They spend some days out on the balcony and low roofs with the roses, but when I'm gone to classes, I get home too late, and it's getting cool and dark already before I could let them in.

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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Rexie Stops to Notice the Roses Thursday April 30, 2015

Rexie on the balcony railing with St Mary mini rose, April 30, 2015
(Written and first posted Sept 30, 2015)

This was a rose year. (It's always Rexie's year, he/(she) and his/(her) sisters.)

I have sequential hobbies-obsessions. They repeat, not in order, every several years. You can kind of tell that, from reading this blog. Roses & gardening, sewing, cross-stitch design, quilt design, jewelry design & making, textile design, fabric dyeing...

This spring and summer again it was roses. In pots on the balcony because of the drought, the conquering horde of blackberries, and the deer. I have never before succeeded in growing them successfully up there, partly because it's too shaded in high summer, although fine in spring, late summer, fall & winter, when the sun is more to the south.

Partly because, I thought in the past, by July I couldn't carry enough water to keep them healthy. That turned out to be not true. 6-8 gallons a day for the whole row, in still-fairly-small-pots. The problem in the past turned out to have been spider mites (and aphids, etc) drying them out. Soapy-water spray &/or dip turns out to fix that. Plus watering on the leaves more. Plus a couple of friendly spiders.

As for the shade question, I mostly bought and grew shade-tolerant roses, as I could get them. Yes, there are shade-tolerant roses! Especially Hybrid Musks, which are mostly contemporary with this 1917 house, but with some new ones too. I passed on the totally tempting Darlow's Enigma, which apparently wants to be 12ft x 12ft! Not on the balcony...

But I love Lyda Rose. Also old favorites Angel Face and Iceberg are shade-tolerant, and a few minis. And several of David Austin's English Roses, like Abraham Darby. And I also tried some totally tempting ones, which I'm thinking of trying to breed - purples Ebb Tide and Rhapsody in Blue.

Because I think what I need here for the balcony are shade-tolerant, heat-tolerant (Lyda Rose and probably other Hybrid Musks are both plus disease-resistant), fragrant, purples or pastels, disease-resistant. And for the long-term in pots, small roses or larger-bush minis, or hanging basket minis.

So I was out on the balcony very early in the morning for much of the summer. Trying (trying!) a little hybridizing just to learn how. Plus potting-up, fertilizing, spraying soapy water for bugs, or apple-cider-vinegar for diseases (mostly a minor problem). Also in pots, I knew from when I worked in the nursery, roses can become Magnesium deficient, although there's plenty in the soil here.

I can do better with all of that next year, and get more flowers. But the advantage of the balcony is that everything is close up. I always had some flowers, mostly fragrant ones. I took 1000s of pictures. And Rexie was out here with me part of the time - but he kept telling me (by walking on the rail between me and the flowers, and bumping me) to stop taking pictures and Pay Attention To The Cat.

He also decided that the balcony was his exclusive territory, and his sisters couldn't go out there.

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Thursday, January 08, 2015

Rosemary, that's for Remembrance - Remembering Buddy

This picture of Buddy out in the snow on the balcony is from March 18, 2011. Pandora was out there too.
(Buddy died Oct 30, 2014 written Jan 6, 2015, first posted Jan 8, 2015 )

Buddy and Valentine were the 2 kittens whose feral mother was killed either by a raccoon or a boy and a dog. They were in a cage in the shed. Something pulled the bolt on the cage. Something killed the mama cat, who had just been spayed.

I had tried to bring them in for the night. The idea was that they would go back into the carrier inside the big cage, and then I could pick them up and take them in. The big cage did not have a secure floor that i could have picked up. (My good big cage had Cheesecake in it, who had been badly beaten up by something, and was supposed to stay confined for a month. The vet was surprised he survived.)

But when I went out to bring them in, they were all wild-eyed, and didn't go into the carrier. I didn't make the connection. And, fatal move, I fed them out there.

So, probably the giant killer raccoon who also probably beat up Cheesecake, and whose 3 inches across footprints I had seen on my windshield, pulled the bolt, opened the cage, and killed the mama cat.

But she fought long enough for the kittens to escape. And because they were used to coming to my car, when I went to feed the feral cats behind where I used to work, the kittens found their way to the house.

So I fed them canned cat food for a few times, sitting out on the porch. Then I got the bright idea of tying a cord to the screen door, putting the can of cat food just inside it, and letting them go in, and pulling the cord to close the door.

It worked. Then I had wild kittens loose in the house. I do not recommend this idea.

Eventually I got them up into the bathroom, where I had started taming other cats, and then out onto the balcony with the others, when it was warm. Buddy was named for his liking to be friendly with other cats, and do his greeting ritual with them. He became very good friends with Dovey, although not with her brother Lovey. (They rolled off the roof in a fight once.)

Originally he was not pettable, except over the backs of his friends at feeding time.

But in recent years, after he was upstairs with (Cheesecake and?) Pandora and Bob and me, he did become pettable, and even liked sitting on my lap when he had the chance. And his tabby fur was very soft.

He was one of the only 2 of my old cats who were still alive when I brought Mom's cats here. I put Musketeer upstairs with Buddy and Pandora, since he had lived with us for a while, until Mom took him away.

Musketeer lasted an amazing year and a half, considering how skeletally thin he was. When he finally went, after he stopped moving, he woke up from time to time, and took a little water in his mouth from a syringe. I spent several days in the nearby chair to be with him.

When Pandora went, she only lasted a few days after she stopped moving around.

I was keeping the older cats separated from my kittens, as much as possible, because of the various disease possibilities. So Buddy got to be with them out on the balcony on warm days, without food or water there, but did not get to just live with us. Or he was outside while we were inside. Or he was in the room with the wood-stove and we were in the bedroom area.

I always meant to get a picture of his large Buddy-face outside the window, and little Rex's small tabby-face inside the window, since they were similar soft-furred tabbies, only Rex and his sisters are so much smaller.

But this summer he stopped going out the window onto the roof and balcony. He was getting thinner, very thin. His fur got harsh. I was trying to feed him more, but he stopped eating the canned food, just ate the liquid off of it. I should have brought him some grass. I should have taken him down outside into the grass. There was a fenced area, until a tenant tore it open.

I wasn't paying enough attention to him. I wasn't sitting with him. It wasn't wood-stove season. I spent time with my "kittens", but not with him. He called and I didn't always come. I didn't really notice when he stopped eating any dried food at all. I didn't try to give him canned food at every meal. He was still trying to move around, to the cat-box and the water dishes, the day he died. He died on my lap.

When I buried him, as I put his little light curled-up body into the grave, I suddenly thought "rosemary". I went to pull some rosemary off the old bush which Grandpa or Grandma probably planted. (Mom's sister's name was Rosemary.) I had never done that while burying a cat before.

But when I pulled at the trailing branches, some of them broke off with roots. So I planted them around the edge of the grave, and tossed the others into it. The rosemary was beginning to flower. It was just before a rain, and it rained a little bit every week or two this fall. The rosemary should survive. Maybe I'll try to find some rue too.

So I will always know where Buddy's grave is.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Smoke Vacation! Sept. 23, 2014

Yesterday late afternoon - the ground-level smoke had cleared somewhat
I took this picture to show the charming old sawdust-burner, from when this was a lumbermill, all grown-over with a vine. It's turning color at the top - not sure if too much sun/too little water, or fall color. And also to show the exaggerated atmospheric perspective given by the smoky low visibility.

The last time we were having smoke for weeks on end, from over a 1000 fires* caused by one set of lightning storms, I was wondering just how smoky it was in Renaissance Italy, when artists discovered the idea of atmospheric perspective. (How things get fuzzier, lighter, and bluer with distance, caused by more atmosphere between us and them with more distance.)
This was about noon today!
Today visibility is much lower; that further hill which just showed yesterday is gone today. (Maybe just a ghost there.) Normally, I think I remember, there's another hill or two to see...

And the air smells much smokier. So glad I had a chance to open up the house for a while yesterday evening to air out - my rooms had been closed up for 3 days - and even more glad that I was awake in the middle of the night to close it all up again, including the floor which was open before.

*This time it's one giant fire to our Southeast. It's West and Southwest of Lake Tahoe. The King fire.

And the college campus, as well as the high school, is closed today. We've had snow vacation before, but smoke vacation? That's a new one to me.

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Friday, September 19, 2014

More Nomad Dress Ideas (Folkwear#107)

Batik-look version of the Nomad Dress
This mock-up version of the Folkwear #107 Afghani Nomad Dress is made from some of my virtual-batik fabric designs at Spoonflower, a print-on-demand fabric designers' site. Although I have tested these 2 designs shown, the Arts & Crafts Deer and Grapes design, and the 2-Sprig design, the deer in quite a few colors, I have not yet made them in the same color, as shown here. This color prints as a deep rich Aquamarine.

Love Explosion fabrics version of Nomad dress Folkwear#107
This is a more brightly-colored and multi-fabric mock-up, using some of my computer drawn quilting fabric designs. Of these, the hearts and the maple leaves are available, but the Love Explosion and this new color of my 2-Papercuts design I have not yet tried out. But this gives an idea how combining brighter colors would look. The hearts as shown here is a larger version than I tested, I think, but these vector designs can be made any size.

Soon I'll be ready to show the fabrics I'm working on now, derived from the copper batik stamps I just got, and others, which I am making into virtual embroideries instead of virtual batiks, and with textured backgrounds.

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Friday, September 12, 2014

Lassie Came Home August 7, 2014

Lassie on balcony railing. You can see how she might fall off, with the birds going by at eye level.
 (written Aug 29, 2104) (first posted Sept 12, 2014)

She, as it turned out, fell off the balcony, apparently, rather than getting taken off by one of the (now 3!) Great Horned Owls from down the hill. There was some wind, a large branch fell nearby, a drawer that was leaning against the railing fell off, not right below where it was. So she might have made a frightened leap, and she and the drawer fell together.

But Lassie is one of my "kittens". They come running when I call (for food).* I had left them out on the low roof/balcony after dark for the first time, forgetting why I had been so careful to not do that. (The rabbit that I saw the owl killing, before sunset one year, was no smaller than these cats.) It rained some that night. (Yes, rain. August.) When I let them in, she didn't come.

So I called and called. And walked around the house looking, for 2 days. The second night after the evening when she vanished, I was on the balcony, calling. Well, having Siamese cat hysterics, really. Loudly.** And someone said something, somewhere nearby. I asked "who said that?" No one said it again. It didn't seem to be any cat I could see, inside or outside.

But it turns out that Lassie must have found her way up onto the roof right over my head. Because first thing in the morning she found her way in through the high window on the other side of the roof, into the kitchen.

Now, don't you think there is something in the idea of cat names as self-fulfilling disasters? Since it was Lassie , (not Rex or Spot or Grey Mouse) who went off and had an adventure? And came home.

*In fact, a great thundering horde of cat...

**Lisa taught me to speak Siamese long ago. We used to keep in touch that way, going for walks in the woods together. And twice, after she had been missing a long time, she found her way back after I went up on a high place and called, in Siamese cat,"Where are you?" Once we had just moved to a new city, and she had gotten lost. Once, down at the coast, she had been shot. (Hunting chipmunks in the neighbor's garden.) She had to have her shoulder pinned back together.

Siamese cat hysterics, you ask? Speak in Siamese. The same thing that the mama cat says to the kittens when she comes back in and lies down to feed them. Meowwrrrr. With a purr at the end. The same thing that the tomcat says outside the window when he is calling a female to come out and play. MEOWWRRR. Now, louder and deepen your voice. Again, louder and deeper. Stand up straight. Make a megaphone with your hands. Louder and deeper. Let how upset you are show in your voice. Tighten your diaphragm. Put an echoing crack into it at the end of the call. Bounce it off the neighbors house a block away, just to check. And of course, when you do this, all the not-missing cats will stand up and put their paws on your knees, to tell you that they are here. And if they are inside, they will be answering you.

PS Happy Kitten Day, September 7 (The kittens birthday)

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Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Nomad dress ideas

Folkwear #107 Afghani Nomad Dress pattern, using my ideas for Spoonflower "cross-stitch embroidery" fabric designs
 I am thinking of making a Nomad dress from Folkwear pattern #107. Seems like I have always wanted one. But somehow I never noticed this pattern. And here this style is, coming around again.

Back in the day, I would have embroidered  the bodice myself. Today, I am using some of my cross-stitch designs from the '80s to make Spoonflower fabric which I can have printed, and use for parts of the dress.

I'll probably use either fabrics I dye, or lightweight cotton batiks, or both, for most of the dress. Fabric from Spoonflower comes in many weights, but the cross-stitch patterns look best on the linen-cotton canvas, which is heavier than I would use for the whole dress.

To do this version, I need to put those cross-stitch designs on different background colors - I'm thinking of a deep, rich aquamarine which I just tested as a virtual batik. Once I've bought some of the new colors, they will be available for sale too.

Here's a different version, using some of my Decorator Collection coordinates. The bodice and sleeve prints are available for sale now. This one shows the waistband that the pattern has. These vector-drawing patterns can be any size; I'll have to test appropriate sizes for this dress.

Folkwear #107 Nomad dress pattern, another idea using my Decorator collection fabrics at Spoonflower
Sept. 9, 2014 New tjaps today! I captured a couple of my top choices. New virtual embroideries this time, instead of (or in addition to) virtual batiks. Coming soon, with luck. And this time, no chance for the mail carrier to deliver the package to the garbage can so it vanishes!

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Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Empire-waist dress in Regency Stripe fabric, dark bluegreen

Regency-inspired dresses and fabrics April 2014 (written 4/16/2014)

This spring I was taking a costume history (fashion history) class. And one assignment we had was to design some modern clothing inspired by a historical period.

In the days when I was an active Society for Creative Anachronism member, I designed, drew patterns for, and made 12th century and Renaissance clothes for myself. But for this assignment, I decided to do Empire/Regency inspired designs, since I knew from my long-ago experience that those dresses, if cut right, could be flattering. If not, like the granny dress revival from the 60s, they can look like a sack of potatos tied with a string.

The secret, also mostly not apparently known by the designers of recent empire-waist tops, is that they have to flare from that high waist, not be cut straight.

The fun thing about doing this type of assignment today is the great research possibilities for the historical references. Even the current costume books may have larger color pictures, compared to 20th century ones. But of course, the internet sources are the great difference.

Turns out there are thriving Regency/Jane Austen communities out there, including commercial patterns drawn to re-create real period designs, which have to be worn over period underthings or they won't fit. (No wonder some of the period paintings and drawings, like some by Ingres, don't look right in their proportions. Their stays pushed the bust way, way up.)

But of course, I was doing modern clothes designs, in fact, things I might want to wear myself. And, since my clothes designing has always been fabric-driven, and since textile design is now my passion, first I had to design the fabrics...

Besides some overall prints, I wanted some border prints which might look like embroidery patterns. And I will be making engineered versions which can be placed around curved, flared hems and necklines, as well as straight for on sleeves.

This stripe is not like any period fabric, although maybe it has a little rococo flavor. But I like it on this dress. I designed it smaller, but liked the effect when I stretched it larger to put on the drawing, so I made a larger version of the fabric too. There's a link on the picture to one of the fabric pages at Spoonflower. I will be making one even taller too, and soon this large-scale darker one with a textured background will be available.

**Other versions coming, including border prints which look fairly in period, one based on a vintage copper batik stamp. And, I'm working on some fabrics to recreate the big surprise I found in my research - shawl dresses in rich colors with deep borders, made from imported Kashmir shawls, or the European copies made in merino wool. They weren't always wearing those drafty transparent white muslins...

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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Lost Cat, May 2014

She's gone. She was my mother's cat, born in her house, slept on her bed. She was beautiful. And before anyone else moved in here, she used to sit on my shoulders.* She was  the mother of my darling "kittens" (3 years old now, still act like kittens).

She was probably gotten by a wild animal the first night.** It rained. She might have tried to come back in through the hole in the screen where I had left the door open for her, and gotten chased off by the Horrible Roomer's cat or dogs. She wasn't very old, maybe 1 or 2 in 2010, so 6 now, or less.

A disadvantage of indoor cats is that they may not really learn to come when I call. She hadn't. (My outdoor cats came running when I called them.) So when they're hiding out or lost, I don't have that second chance for them to find their way back, to my calling. I called. I looked.

She liked being out on this screen porch, she and her friend Sugar Mouse, that first summer, before they had kittens. (My mother's cats had not been fixed nor had shots.) She was a good mother, protecting her kittens from their father and everything else. Once a kitten made a squeak when I was near it, and she flew at me to protect it.

When she got frightened, she and Mousie, her companion, they used to squeeze into the little drawers on either side of the kitchen sink. She was frightened by someone just before she vanished, and hiding in there. And I took a picture of her. With a flash. She maybe thought it wasn't a safe hiding place anymore.

**Dogs and cars kill more cats here, though.

*This last year and a half it has been too unpleasant here for me to sit with her at all, in this part of the house, with the Roomer here. I really missed that, her sitting on my shoulders. I'm afraid she missed it too.

I learned later that the low-life slime who lived here, guest of a renter, the one who had kicked out the screen in the kitchen door, had deliberately chased Patches out to die. 
I learned it when he tried to do it to her companion Mousie too. But Mousie was too smart for him; she hid where he couldn't find her. And I locked him out forever. (They were already supposed to have moved out.)

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sugar Mouse in Exile October 26, 2010

Sugar Mouse in Exile Oct 26, 2010, 9:57am
Sugar Mouse, the kittens' father, still exiled, looking through the door from the porch. The morning after the kittens broke out.

Why is Sugar Mouse in exile?

Because Mama Cat Patches won't let him be near her kittens!

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Saturday, December 07, 2013

Kittens on bench Dec. 7, 2010

Spot and Lassie
Photo from Dec. 7 2010. Written Mar. 15, 2011.First published Jan 24, 2014.

That is Spot in the front, the friendliest kitten, and her sister Lassie (I think, Lassie and Grey Mouse are very similar) behind her.

Spot could have been named after the grey spot on her nose, but actually she has a tan spotted spot on her stomach.

(The names? Well, once I had decided the little kitten was Rex, Spot and Lassie became irresistible.)

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Monday, December 02, 2013

Kittens in box Dec. 2, 2010

Lassie, Grey Mouse, and Spot in box
Photo from Dec. 2 2010. First published Jan. 21, 2014.

This cute photo is a little misleading - the kittens were in this box in the cupboard with the door closed. I had just opened the door and discovered where my missing kittens were.

To get here, they had to jump (or be carried?) into the shelf visible above this cupboard, that I had taken the drawer out of, and jump down off the side of it into the bottom cupboard.

Why had they, or their Mama, done this? Well, at the beginning of the week, I had chased their father into the cold out on the porch again for a night so he would go into the carrier and I could catch him to be fixed. Then he was isolated in the bathroom for a few days.

So apparently this was scary, because everybody was hiding.

Disclosure - I did Photoshop some printing off the box, which distracted from the image.

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Kittens in chair November 26, 2010

Grey Mouse and Rex in chair
Photo from Nov. 26, 2010. Written Mar. 15 2011. (First published Jan 10, 2014)

Rex is on the right, and his sister Grey Mouse is behind on the left.

Grey Mouse is the cool gray colored kitten, her sister, the other light tabby, has a buff underside and undertone to her gray.

(A kitten named Grey Mouse? Well, partly because of her father Sugar Mouse. And partly because she has the most receding-chin, under-bite, rodent-profile face of them all.)

PS My equal opportunity spelling of the word grey/gray? Early exposure to British English has left me totally confused as to which is the American spelling. I can keep straight words like color/colour, but not the greys. The kitten's name seems to have turned out British - not unreasonable, since a sugar mouse is (was?) a British thing.

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Saturday, September 07, 2013

Happy Kitten Day Sept. 7

Little Kitten who will be Rex, October 2010
I can't resist posting this cute picture, from when the kittens were little, now, even though it's not October yet. Written October 8, 2011. First published Friday, May 31, 2013. Moved to Sept. 7, 2013.

I was thinking that Kitten Day (the day the kittens were born), was Oct.7, but when I checked my calendar, they were born in September. But before getting up on the morning of Oct.7, I kept telling Rex "Happy Kitten Day" - and he kept purring, kneading my neck, and putting his nose on my face.

This picture was taken when I was feeding the Little Kitten supplemental kitten formula, when he was just a few weeks old, and not getting enough to eat. After eating his tablespoon or 2 of formula out of a teaspoon, he would climb up on my shoulder and go to sleep.

After a couple of weeks, when he was almost this small, I named him Rex.

King of my heart.

Every day is Happy Kitten Day here.

Sat. Sept. 7, 2013 This morning Rexie had small puffs of spiderwebs decorating both his/her eyebrows. It looked very cute. We had some Happy Kitten Day purring and cuddling.

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Friday, August 09, 2013

Bats in the bedroom again… August 8, 2013

Brown bat in bedroom June 26, 2006, 2am close-up. He was about to fly out the window when I flashed in his face. Whoa!

Two nights in a row, Aug. 4th and 5th. First time in several years. Cheesecake and I used to have our bailout protocol all figured out for when there was one circling the bedroom. (Screens are tighter now, usually.)

The first night it was very late, maybe 3:30 or 4 am. I was waked up by the *kittens* bouncing all over me and the bed, chasing it. By the bedside flashlight it looked like a small bat.
Small bat in bedroom, June 26, 2006, 2 am approx

So I grabbed the Spot *kitten*, who was closest, locked her up, then caught the others one at a time, and once they were all locked up, closed the bedroom door to wait for it to settle out.

Once all was quiet, I went back in with the flashlight. Didn't see it. (They usually settle clinging to a screen.) So I opened a window wide and left. By that time it was almost showing some light in the sky. Went to sleep for the rest of the night in a chair.

I had hoped that it had gotten out, but kept the kittens and Buddy locked inside all day, and not in the bedroom. Because in the past I have thought that a bat had gotten away, but as soon as I let the cats out, they found it. (Once  a very small one had crawled under the cat-house on the porch. They were trying to fish it out. Once there was a bat clinging to the shingle siding outside the bedroom. Several times one was still in the bedroom. Once in the torchiere lamp. It couldn't get out. After I had gone back to bed, I heard it skritching. Had to tip it out the window as soon as it was slightly light.)

So the next night, the bat appeared early, maybe 9:30 or 10:00pm. I was still reading, the light was still on, but luckily cats still locked up. It looked like a larger bat this time.
Medium-size black bat in bedroom, June 26, 2006, approx 2am Notice the same calendar is in this picture.

Leave, close door, wait for it to settle, go in and open window, and TURN OUT THE LIGHT. (Very important, otherwise there will be lots of bats in the bedroom, following bugs! See previous post about bats.)

This time, it was so much earlier, I just read in the chair for an hour or two, then went back to bed. Good chance it had escaped, and seems to have done so.

Think I've found where it/they got in — screen pulled loose from frame, and I had left the window open too far so they could easily get in.
I'm sure that this time it wasn't this guy - you can see (there's that calendar again) how much larger he was, and brown not black.

These pictures, from June 26, 2006, when I stood out on the porch roof and took pictures, the time I cleverly opened the window from the outside, thus leaving the light on, show, I think, three different species of bat.

I like my bats a lot. Haven't seen a mosquito for a month. But I prefer them outside, not in the bedroom.

Haven't heard them for a couple of years now. My extra-high-frequency hearing might be gone.  (Never heard them in the bedroom; apparently it's the social calls, not echo-location, which are in human hearing range, sort-of.) 

** The kittens are all grown up, though small, cats. But they still act like kittens. And they're my kittens, especially Rexie. (He thinks so too...)

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