Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tigrrr went to the vet

Tigrrr went to the vet yesterday. Don't know what's wrong with him - he's been losing weight, despite getting canned food. And his eyes are totally dilated.

This picture taken 12/10/2009, 2:17 pm.

Once she said, while sitting at the table with Tiger on her lap, and her pills spread out on the tablecloth, "I don't know if I'm supposed to take this medicine or give it to the cat." 

PS. When she got him from me, he was named Musketeer, because of his Puss in Boots coloring. She renamed him Tiger... I am not going to have a cat called Tiger, of all the trite names. But he's had it too long, and I've been calling him by it here when feeding him, and he knows his name. (Well, I suspect it means "food" to him.) So I at least will make it Tigrrr.

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