Sunday, September 09, 2007

Photoshop Fun

This is Dovey, the black cat, in tall bluegrass, with the delicate seedheads showing. Dovey, and her brother Lovey, were feral kittens, trapped when they were several months old. Because Lovey was petted as a kitten at the feeding station, he is much tamer; he loves to be petted & combed, and to hop up on my lap. Dovey wrecked the vet's office, and bit him. She does like to be petted now, but only on the feeding table, at mealtimes. And she comes when she is called, if she's not busy. Otherwise, she is still pretty feral.

The original photo has been changed in Photoshop to this high-contrast image, using a filter. Photos that work best for this technique have good contrast, with variations in texture. Choose your background and foreground colors, then try out the filters, especially the artistic & sketch ones, to see which work best. For different images, different filters will be better.

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