Thursday, January 25, 2007

Dear Faithful Reader

(and occasional readers) I know you're out there, because of Statcounter. Perhaps you could get in touch and let me know what keeps you coming back, what you're looking for? Or why you don't come very often, what you're looking for? I write about lots of things. If I knew what interested you, perhaps there'd be more about those topics. If you'd rather email me than leave a comment, please put the blog name in the subject line.

Imagine me here at my desk writing to you. This is the day after I got my computer. It's on the Mission desk in Grandfather's house. I had been online first thing, and gotten an image of a batik fabric to use as a desktop. I call this image the "Arts and Crafts Computer". (Yes I know there's a book by that name.)

Over at Dressaday Erin tagged us all. Here's my 5 items of information about myself:

I finally met another person who dates historical events by what they were wearing. (Yes, she's a costumer.)

I live (for a few months more) in the house my mother was born in.

I learnt to sew in 5th grade in England, by hand.

I learnt to bake bread the summer I turned 16, on a wood stove at our cabin.

When I call my cats (mrrroowwwww), they come running. Through the sprinklers. To get to dinner. They have me trained to call them as soon as I come home, before dark. So the coyotes don't get them.

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