Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Looking just as if she were asleep...

Curled up beside the road, a fawn or yearling. If she were a live deer, this would be a good picture. Please, everybody, be careful out there, these nights with poor visibility and early dark.

Little Lovey died last night. He was only 8 years old. He had been to the vet twice in the last two weeks. He had been blocked before, but this time was worse. After he came home, he was doing ok, but the medicine was making him sick. I eventually stopped giving it to him, he got a little better and started eating a little again. Then, on the advice of the vet, I added back just one, just once, the most likely to help, and the least likely to make him sick. But it was "use with caution in the case of kidney damage" and I think that might be what happened to him. The next morning he was very weak, and he just went downhill in a few days.

He was a feral kitten, trapped when he was several months old. He had only 3 usable legs, and hopped everywhere. He liked to be petted and have his stomach rubbed and hop up on my lap.

Once two giant dogs almost got him: they had chased him down under a bush, and he was on his back, all three sets of claws out to defend himself. I ran out in my pajamas in the rain, bare-handed, and chased them off. Then I got a length of pipe and guarded him (they tried to come back) for the hour it took him to get back to the house. He was exhausted, and went to sleep in the rain for some time. And he had totally reverted to feral, was completely scared of me. (Well, I'd been as scary as I knew how to be, telling those giant dogs to "Go home!!!")

You can read more about him, and see a picture, at

Goodby Lovey. I love you.

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