Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I arrived here

On October 25. Well, not on heron-back, although I did fly. I usually take the train, which I love. It's not that I don't like flying, which I do. It's the getting to the airport, and all the fuss there which I don't like.

This time, flying meant I could bring frozen Cornish pasties, which are a specialty of the old mining town I live in, where my mother was born. We enjoyed them for dinner that night. (Although I suspect Spinach-mushroom-cheese, my favorite, is not a traditional flavor... My mother was surprised by it. She said, "Who would guess spinach could be so good".) She sometimes made pasties when we were kids.

If I flew back, I could take yakisoba. The refrigerated kind, which are the only ones I know with the real seasoning packets, are not currently available where I live.

I got out for a walk for the first time today - but she came back early from her meeting; she collapsed after lunch and asked to be brought home. She doesn't remember it, but I don't think she's going out again.

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