Wednesday, November 04, 2009

There are cats

There are cats living in this house which are beginning to be viewable. This is the least shy of them. Mom calls her Kitten. (Slightly out-of-date name...) She may have been the kitten Mom wanted which led her to import the feral mama cat to begin with.

And this other little one, half-grown size, Mom calls Kitten-kitten, or her little white kitten. Since the coloring is lynx-point siamese with white underside, this one must have been almost white when born.
They were sleeping on her bed, maybe still do, secretly.

I think I might call the large one Patches. Mom had a book about a horse when she was a kid, with that name. And the little one Sugar Mouse. There's a third one, gray & white, with the same tail as Sugar Mouse - gray striped with tiny white tip.

She fell down in the bathroom about 2:00 am Sunday night - unhurt, apparently. She said "Kerplunk" when I got there.

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