Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Rex discovering the daylight world outside

This is Rex. He's a kitten. In fact, he is a kitten of Mom's cats, Patches and Sugar Mouse.

Unfortunately all my early kitten pictures, from when Patches was hiding them in the cupboards and drawers, and when they started to explore, are inaccessible on an external drive which stopped mounting. So I may tell early kitten stories later, when (if!) I have those pictures.

Including the reason he's named Rex, and his sister's names.

Rex has been sleeping with me for some time, curled up under my chin or on my chest next to my face, kneading and purring. And the lined curtains were all closed, keeping the room cozy during the night.

Now we've started having our frequent run of warm days in Jan & Feb, when I can have some windows open during the day, and passive solar heat on this south slope warms the house.

And this was (Jan 17, 2011) the first time he had been in the bedroom in daylight, when the curtains and windows were open.

And Rex has discovered that there is a very different, interesting and scary world out there during the day.

(He's not going to get to explore it much for a while; I heard the great horned owl again recently, and the red-tail hawk several days last week, and the kittens are still small enough to be swept right off the balcony/low roofs.)

This picture from Jan. 17, 2011.

Tonight it's raining and very windy, and getting cold enough to snow tomorrow. Spring-in-the-middle-of-winter is over for now. 

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