Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Waiting for Mama

 These pictures were taken Oct. 4 2010.

About this time, after a few days in the cupboard, Patches started moving the kittens into more and more inaccessible places. And finally into this drawer which she couldn't get into herself. She got them out again to feed them.

And she started chasing Sugar Mouse away, and beating him up.

So after a bit of that, even though I didn't suspect him of any ill intent, I locked him out on the screen porch for several weeks.

Poor Sugar Mouse - all I ever saw him doing was looking curiously towards them.

(I didn't know until I photoshopped this picture that one of the kittens had a scratch. She might have gotten it from being moved around.)

And what are they looking at up there? Mama Patches, getting ready to come down to feed them.

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