Wednesday, October 21, 2015

All the Cats Are Outside Hunting Moths and Won't Come In to Supper Sept 2015

Happy Kitten Day - late. The kittens birthday is September 7th; I made this new fabric design on September 10, 2015. I just got it proofed, edited, re-tested, and put up for sale today, Oct. 21.

Learned 2 things in the process. The first is that Spoonflower's new fabric-printing system is indeed brighter, and I'll want to get this printed on one of those fabrics. (The synthetics also print bright colors.) And the second is that with these textured backgrounds and fills (done from Photoshop patterns), it is important to print them full-size to be at their brightest. Otherwise, just like a small print seen from a distance, they go greyer.

I think I might be going to use this fabric, or one of its coordinates, for a fleece-lined open vest this fall.

The happy kittens (5 years old now) are all happy and healthy. They spend some days out on the balcony and low roofs with the roses, but when I'm gone to classes, I get home too late, and it's getting cool and dark already before I could let them in.

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