Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Point Is Nov. 12-30, 2016

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The point is not that a dangerously out-of-control narcissist & racist & woman-hater pro-Russian has been elected to be our new president. In an election influenced by Russian hacking. One of the new generation of Robber Barons.

Besides praying that he somehow finds a connection to reality that isn't a mirror (and for someone who has lived all his life without it, that's unlikely), we can hope that the constraints of an actual political position will restrain him.* He would find that frustrating. Of course, his behind-the-scene white supremacist friends will be busy, whatever he does. (bannon, his chief of staff pick, from breitbart.) [*It won't restrain the repugs in congress though.]

The point is that his election was enabled by voter suppression since the gutting of the Voting Rights Act by the supreme court, and fueled by a protest vote from millions for whom the system has not been working for a long time, and with gasoline thrown on the flame by hundreds of very profitable Fake News sites and stories, which the Right passes around like poisoned KoolAid, since they are the not-connected-to-reality side of the population, without any critical thinking skills, and cannot tell the difference between Fake and real news… [Several reports during the last week, including more than one FakeNews purveyor who said that they tried to sell FakeNews to the Left, but they wouldn't buy it. "It's debunked by the second comment, and they don't share it." (On the Media interview approx 11/20)]

The point is that his election has brought his other supporters out of the woodwork like bugs. Emboldened and empowered. All the old-time-haters, liberated. KKK.* Neo-nazis.** White supremacists. Racists, woman-haters, sexual assaulters. Immigrant-bashers, Islamophobes.*** Rabid racist anti-government gun-nuts. And their children.****
[* david duke's joy at election - I won't link since I don't want to give him traffic.
** spencer at a white supremacist meeting, shouting "hail trump", and being answered with nazi salutes. (leaked video)
*** High school girl whose classmate came up behind her and tried to pull off her hijab, shouting racial epithets.(This American Life 11/11/2016)
**** School boy who grabbed a young girl's crotch and shouted "if the president can do it i can too".(TAL 11/11/2016)]

The Southern Poverty Law Center said that by a week after the election, there had been over 700 hate crimes and hate incidents, almost all by trump supporters. They hadn't seen anything like it since the day after President Obama's election. And, of course, it's the same people, encouraged now to do more, to keep on doing it. Even though dt said to stop it. That's their notion of celebration - commit hate crimes.

And all those voters, who say they are of course not racists, but are ok with racism, woman-hating, and everything else, demonstrably, because they could vote for a man who talks and acts like that.

I'd like to think there is some hope sooner than outliving all those evil old racist white men. But apparently they have taught many of their kids to be just as bad. Half of the hate crimes and hate incidents have happened in schools. 

And sooner than outliving the rich who believe in the new Social Darwinism*, the survival of only the richest.[* Funny because, not being connected to reality, denying science, they don't believe in evolution.]

And, the problem is, when they remove health care from millions of us, they will be increasing our death rate, not their own. Fewer of us will outlive them.
[Try to convince me that that is not part of their plan – hooray, fewer voters on the Left.]

But my country will not be taken over by white supremacists and robber barons without a fight. To the death.

And there are a lot of us who already believe this, as shown by the continuing protests around the country. We will not be convinced to accept politics-as-usual, make nice, come together and support the president, get over it, sit down and shut up for 4 more years and forever.

Because autocracies do not allow free speech.

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