Friday, October 06, 2006

Cafepress printing colors

Bonus post today about Cafepress t-shirt printing colors. This first picture is of two infant tees. The one on the left is heat transfer, the right is direct print. The heat transfer is brighter but bluer. The direct print is actually closer to the colors of the original image, just a little softer. See the originals of these designs

  • here
  • in the first products, just below the sections.

    The next picture is the sunset color of the honeybee on a gray hooded sweatshirt. The colors are quite true to the original image. The third picture is of the same image on a journal, except it had a warm peach background.

    The light green of the honeybee and even lighter greenish white of the background are the way it actually came out. The center is a true white. Overall the colors are much bluer than the original. Obviously I'm going to remove this item - green honeybees are not going to be very acceptable. I left it up for everybody to see.

    What I'm really doing today is playing with overdyeing some Cafepress shirts, just to wear myself. My first test was great, and I'm looking forward to more. When they're done, I'll post some pictures and instructions, for anyone who might want to try it.



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