Monday, December 04, 2006

Happy Day 1892

An email from my Mom reminded me I meant to share this picture I retouched in Photoshop class last summer.
Happy Day was Grandfather's first cousin. The info is from the back of the picture in Grandpa's handwriting. I kept the charming old photographer's card, and added a leather frame scanned from the cover of the album. Click on the small pictures to go to the full-size image and download it. (On a Mac, just click on it & drag it to your desktop.)

from her email: " If you do a google search on "TOWER HILL CEMETERY, BRIMFIELD
you will find an interesting article about the Hubbard House. That
is the original Hubbard homestead which I once visited with my Dad.
The house had 3' wide boards hand hewn on the walls! Yes, New
England must have once had big trees!

I remember my Dad talking about visiting the farm in
summertime. He mourned having no brothers and sisters but played
with his cousins Harriet Day and Gladys Day Deland in the summers
when they visited together at Brimfield. Dad grew up in Chicago."

Isn't she a beautiful little girl. And those interesting ringed eyes. Of course I had no idea of what colors her hair or eyes were. From the photo not blond or black or dark brown. So I used light brown hair like mine was as a girl, before I started working outside and it decided to be blond. And for those ringed eyes, they could be light blue or hazel. I've seen a picture of someone with ringed hazel eyes, & I had a cat who had blue ringed eyes. So I used light blue like Grandpa's and my eyes. Well, brighter than ours.

There're a lot of blending modes used to get the metallic and pearlescent effects on the headband and beads. And just getting rid of all the mold spots took a lot of doing. It was a fun project, but very time consuming.

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