Monday, October 09, 2006

New political tee designs

This weekend I thought of and made two new images for political t-shirts. And I did an ad (my first) over at Making Light, my favorite place to spend hours reading comments. Animals with Attitude—political opinions that bite. I had the pictures of the animals from last spring, just had to extract them, and I was thinking of how to use them…and there it was. The Disappeared Dog was the first. I thought the image was exactly appropriate for the idea. And I love the back of the tee. (Of course, one's own newest design is always the best thing ever.) When I get one for myself, I'll probably overdye it — white t-shirts just aren't very wearable. Sometime in the next year, Cafepress may start having more colored tees, but in the meantime, I'm enjoying my dyed ones. And especially the muted retro colors I get because of the process I use to not damage the image.

Here is the Disappeared Dog on a women's tee. I might have to Photoshop out that leash, if it's too distracting. I'm thinking about it for a little while.The second one was the Don't be a Goose tee. I'll maybe write more about it later.



At 4/02/2011 3:09 PM, Blogger MinaW said...

I did a funny fabric design with this dog and the goose & turkey recently at Spoonflower. It should be for sale soon.

(Well, I think it's funny - it makes me laugh.)


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