Friday, October 13, 2006

Window shopping

This great skirt, and sequined top, were in the window of a vintage clothing store in downtown Grass Valley. The skirt is patchwork squares of silky-looking fabrics. It is lined and reversible — I love lined & reversible clothes. The lining is a black with white polka-dots, I think she said. It looks like a circle skirt. What a difference from the plaid circle skirts that were in once, and again now. The owner said the waist is tiny, 23 or so.

The black sequined top is the right shape to go with a circle or other flared skirt. This fit, with the wide band fitting over the skirt below the waist, is the most flattering I remember finding to go with this cut of skirt. Cardigans too — I remember desperately wanting one this shape.

I don't covet either of these items; they certainly wouldn't fit me now. I posted them for the ideas they suggest. I would like to do the skirt in squares of commercial batik fabric, lined with hand-dyed fabric. For anyone who is on a swatch subscription list, this might be a great way to use those swatches. Six inch squares would do. This year, the skirt would also be interesting in squares of men's suiting fabrics. For those fond of polka dots, that seems like a great lining. Or hand-dyed flannel, for a winter skirt. Some of that is available commercially.

For anyone who might fit these, and who is interested, they are at
A la Mode Vintage, 127 Neal St, Grass Valley CA 95945.
(530) 272-1287

PS The visible lines across the black square are window reflections — they continue across the yellow-orange to the right.



At 10/13/2006 7:34 PM, Anonymous Robinson said...

That's a great idea... a reversable skirt. I'm working on reversable bags now, but wouldn't have thought to do a skirt. I also LOVE that orange skirt in the background. It makes me want to run out the the fabric store to find some orange satin for a halloween skirt.


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