Monday, October 16, 2006

A Dream Craft Show

What would be the perfect craft show? Whether from the view of a merchant or a shopper, what would you like to see in a craft show? This is a flyer I did in class last year for a fictitious craft show at a real location. I used images of my hand-made items, (some of which I would never sell) and tried to think of the ingredients for a perfect craft show. One would be the quality of goods —high quality hand-made items. Another would be the diversity of offerings, including ethnic items from other countries, if we could know they were fair trade. Not just cheap items from overseas which underprice local artisans, but varied things not available locally. Another would be food and music available, to enhance the atmosphere, but not to overwhelm. (Once I was trying to sell jewelry in the stone hall at this location. We were just beginning to get a good crowd when the piper came in. With his little dog, who must have been deaf, standing at attention, he quickly drove out all the customers and some of the merchants.)

This is the inside of the flyer. I tried to list all the items that would be in my ideal craft show.
Handmade art & craft items: ceramics, glass, beads & jewelry, gems & minerals, carvings, quilts & textiles, needlework patterns, hand-dyed & dye-painted fabric, wearable art, wooden items & carvings, photographs, drawings & paintings, music & musical instruments, ethnic handcrafts, baskets, toys & ornaments, preserves & honeys. Food from the Foundry. Wandering musicians.

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