Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Baby Sea Turtles virtual batik

This is a new design I just finished. Virtual batik, which I think I invented, is based on a real copper batik stamp. I scan it, in a darkened room with the cover up, to get a dark background. Then it goes into Photoshop for some playing with color to get nice bright light colors, that will shine against a dark background, like real batik. In this case, the design is meant for the new dark colored tees that Cafepress has just added. Some colors, like this one, look brighter on the web than they will in print. Others, like the gold, proof pretty bright, so they might print that way on tees too.

It was only while I was working on this, making about a dozen colors, that I realized how appropriate it is for a crawling age baby. But of course any sea turtle friend should also like them. The other colors are coming, I only have two up so far, at WRW Color by Design. Next I have to do the mama sea turtles. Since I don't have an adult sea turtle stamp, that will be a little trickier… Photoshop here I come.

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