Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Type as texture

Erin over at Dressaday posted yesterday some fabrics with font designs. They're fun, but all black & white, and the fonts aren't the most interesting.

They reminded me of the designs I did with the font Avignon, by Nick Curtis. That font, based on one from the early 20th century makes beautiful textures. This is a sampler of Avignon textures. I did it in several dozen colors, and printed my favorite versions onto 8.5x11 treated fabric. The idea is to piece them into a jacket with a black lining. Most of the ones I printed had gradient backgrounds, which wouldn't work as well for yardage. I sure would love to get yardage of this design, though. It's a little reminiscent of the fine designs on shwe shwe fabric, that Erin showed a few days ago.

Meanwhile, I did a stained glass looking Avignon ABC design, which I put up at my Cafepress store WRW Color by Design. It's on t-shirts, kids tees, mugs.Here it is on a women's cap sleeve tee. I'll post the actual design later; it's being very slow to load images now.



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