Monday, November 27, 2006

I wore this every day for a year

Well, nearly everyday. I made it in a jewelry class. Every Saturday morning I'd drive down to Rocklin for an all morning class. I'd work out in the garage every night after work, until by about Thursday I'd get stuck, at a point where I didn't know how to go on. Then on Saturday morning, the teacher (Nancy Foster, a truly excellent teacher) would set me on the path again. It took about a month.

I loved it and it went with almost all my clothes. Well, I chose clothes to set it off. But it was designed to go in an open-necked shirt. That's why the chain around the back. It sat up off my neck, and felt very light. It was very comfortable to wear.

But it had a design flaw; the narrow point right next to the flower was too narrow, and bent too easily. Someday it would break. I stopped wearing it every day, and kept it for special occasions, to extend its life.

Then a few years ago it was stolen. I'm sure that whoever bought it at a flea market from the drug-addict/alcoholic thief didn't know, although perhaps one could guess about a purchase from such a source. Anyway, it probably broke the first time someone tried to wear it.

There's no chance I could make one again. Well, it had a short life, but it was loved more than most pieces of jewelry, probably.

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