Wednesday, October 25, 2006

It's the season when the cat starts sleeping on the bed again

 All summer we're separated. He sleeps in the bathtub, or on the floor. I throw the covers off, and there's a fan in the window pointed at the bed. Then, the nights get cooler, and he's back. It's as if he never left. Purring, kneading… at this season I have plenty of covers to make that ok. Sleeping right next to me. … Aack! He didn't use to lick all over my face to wake me up! Where did that come from? Who has he been hanging out with this summer?

This is Cheesecake. He came from the animal shelter as a kitten. I didn't need any more cats. He was named after the kind of temptation one ought to resist — and doesn't. He might even be a Birman. Long-haired, lilac point, white feet. He was younger when I took this picture, but he's still gorgeous.

And no, I don't choose my bedding colors only to flatter him. They just happen to be some of my favorite colors nowadays…

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