Thursday, October 19, 2006

Four Horses Batik Design is done

I put it on the new dark red tee, as well as the black tee, which should look like a real batik instead of a digital one. And with a clear background, it went on lots of other tees, including kids' tees and the organic t-shirt. And on a tote bag and throw pillow. Here it is in three different looks. I'm thinking of doing a couple of other color combinations as well as the blue & black it's in now. Maybe a purple & black that will work well on the red and pink tees. And a gold and black.

The other exciting tjap I got was a baby sea turtle! It's going to have to become a real batik, of the baby turtles going out to sea. Especially since I did a mother sea turtle design last spring, with all the mother sea turtles coming ashore. I did not like the quality of my attempt to do the design in a water based resist to create an effect like batik. I'll try it again in real batik to see if I can get finer lines. And as well as a batik picture, it will be fun to do some yardage for a dress or long vest.

Then, once they're batiks, I'll photograph them for a couple of tees.

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