Thursday, September 18, 2008

Buddy misses her

Dovey and Buddy Greeting Ritual, photoshopped

This was Dovey's and Buddy's greeting ritual. I tried to get pictures of this for years, but since it was always in motion, I wasn't very successful. They would walk together, and rub against each other, and entwine their tails. Then one would turn around and they'd pass each other, with more head-bumping. I think I remember that that means they think of the other as family.

After Dovey disappeared, when Buddy was let out he went around the house calling, and over the roof and into a window that had been open for weeks with no one coming in it. Buddy and Dovey were both named as kittens for their friendliness to other cats, but as adults it was mostly each other they were friendly with.

And now Buddy doesn't have his friend.

He spends more time with me, at a safe distance. Maybe someday he'll let me pet him again. He used to be pettable only on the feeding table, over the back of Valentine or Dovey.

These pictures were taken July 28, 2008.

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