Tuesday, September 30, 2008

It's time to plant your flowering lawn

This is Pipit, another of my favorite small narcissus. (3-30-08) Yes, I could have shown this photo in the spring when it was taken, but I'm showing it now as a reminder that it's time to plant your flowering lawns. As early as the bulbs are available, while the weather is still nice enough to sit out on the lawn. Maybe after the first rain. (We might get one this weekend.)

Sit on a bit of not-too-bad lawn with a bag or two of small bulbs: dwarf narcissus, grape hyacinths, small Scillas, crocus, especially the smaller species crocus, Chionodoxa, lots of others.(See Gardening list of posts in the sidebar.) Dig out a weed and stick in a bulb; that will give you a nice natural distribution. Transplant in some old-fashioned fragrant violets to cover the holes. Water. If the fall rains don't arrive, continue to water.

Come Spring, enjoy months of fragrance and color. For decades. Have fun.

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