Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Kittens in chair November 26, 2010

Grey Mouse and Rex in chair
Photo from Nov. 26, 2010. Written Mar. 15 2011. (First published Jan 10, 2014)

Rex is on the right, and his sister Grey Mouse is behind on the left.

Grey Mouse is the cool gray colored kitten, her sister, the other light tabby, has a buff underside and undertone to her gray.

(A kitten named Grey Mouse? Well, partly because of her father Sugar Mouse. And partly because she has the most receding-chin, under-bite, rodent-profile face of them all.)

PS My equal opportunity spelling of the word grey/gray? Early exposure to British English has left me totally confused as to which is the American spelling. I can keep straight words like color/colour, but not the greys. The kitten's name seems to have turned out British - not unreasonable, since a sugar mouse is (was?) a British thing.

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